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Qube2700 / new install of Martin's Debian

After a wasted half-hour, I discovered that my (very old) Qube 2700
won't boot from a 40GB drive, so yes I suspect that there *are* some
machines that have a non-helpful firmware; but I don't have enough spare
IDE HDDs to test and find out where the size-cutoff comes. I have I/O
Board 850-00102, BTW.

Anyway, I've happily installed the current Debian image from Martin's
site onto the original 2.1GB disk, and it boots fine. It does exactly
what's advertised on the webpage, and grabs an address from DHCP.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to actually *tell* me what address it has
picked up; possibly the LCD should be able to display the current eth0
IP ... but I can't see it. Have I missed something here, or are my only
options sniffing the DHCP traffic, or looking in the DHCP server db for
recent acquisitions (and how do I know what my MAC address is, anyway?)


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