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Re: Qube2700 / new install of Martin's Debian

Jim Cheetham wrote:
> Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to actually *tell* me what address it has
> picked up; possibly the LCD should be able to display the current eth0
> IP ... 
In fact, the display *is* able to tell display the current eth0 IP. Just
have a look at /etc/default/colo and you'll see what I mean; it's quite
self-explanatory. Essentially, all you need to do is to uncomment the
last two lines. You might need to restart paneld, I'm not exactly sure.
/etc/init.d/paneld restart

> Have I missed something here, or are my only
> options sniffing the DHCP traffic, or looking in the DHCP server db for
> recent acquisitions (and how do I know what my MAC address is, anyway?)
Yup, you missed one option indeed: Establishing a link to the serial
console to see what's going on :)


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