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Re: Qube2700 / new install of Martin's Debian

> Anyway, I've happily installed the current Debian image from Martin's
> site onto the original 2.1GB disk, and it boots fine. It does exactly
> what's advertised on the webpage, and grabs an address from DHCP.

> Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to actually *tell* me what address it has
> picked up; possibly the LCD should be able to display the current eth0
> IP ... but I can't see it. Have I missed something here, or are my only
> options sniffing the DHCP traffic, or looking in the DHCP server db for
> recent acquisitions (and how do I know what my MAC address is, anyway?)

I believe you've solved your problem already, but here's another solution:

1 - use `dnsmasq' as your DHCP server
2 - add to your Qube's dhclient.conf file:    send host-name "myDearQube";

then you can dns-query your dnsmasq server to get the IP address of
the host named "myDearQube".


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