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Re: Kernel boot parameter on mips (SGI)

Jens Seidel wrote:
> Hi,
> http://www.us.debian.org/releases/etch/mips/ch05s01.html.en contains:
> <quote>
> SGI TFTP Booting
>  On SGI machines you can append boot parameters to the bootp(): command
>  in the command monitor. 
>  Following the bootp(): command you can give the path and name of the
>  file to boot if you did not give an explicit name via your bootp/dhcp
>  server. Example: 
> bootp():/boot/tftpboot.img
>  Further kernel parameters can be passed via append: 
> bootp(): append="root=/dev/sda1"
> </quote>
> I tested an install on a SGI Octane using the kernel
> linux-image-2.6-r10k-ip30 (2.6.12-3) from experimental.
> I failed to mount the root filesystem (I tried really everything, such
> as an NFS root (fails probably because of kernel network settings), a copy
> of a boostraped system on /dev/sdb directly in my IRIX system) but
> noticed that
> bootp(): append="arg1 arg2"
> is interpreted as kernel command line "append=arg1 arg2" by the kernel.
> So it is necessary to omit "append=" and the quotes.
> Comments? Maybe it's only my system which doesn't support "append"?

The "append" syntax is specific to arcboot/tip22/tip32 images. The
raw ELF kernel uses the simpler syntax you discovered. At the moment
arcboot doesn't support Octane and Origin machines. There is, however,
arcload, which is not packaged in Debian but used for the Gentoo live

> Next step I will try is to cross compile a newer kernel from
> http://www.linux-mips.org. My first attempt failed because
> linux- seems not to support IP30 anymore. I will try
> different versions or directly from git ...

A patchset is available at

> Or is there a simple way to provide an initrd? All Mips build I checked
> contain only a kernel image ...

I'm afraid the "simplest" way is currently installing via NFS root,
or compiling in a initramfs.


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