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Kernel boot parameter on mips (SGI)


http://www.us.debian.org/releases/etch/mips/ch05s01.html.en contains:

<quote> SGI TFTP Booting
 On SGI machines you can append boot parameters to the bootp(): command
 in the command monitor. 
 Following the bootp(): command you can give the path and name of the
 file to boot if you did not give an explicit name via your bootp/dhcp
 server. Example: 

 Further kernel parameters can be passed via append: 
bootp(): append="root=/dev/sda1"

I tested an install on a SGI Octane using the kernel
linux-image-2.6-r10k-ip30 (2.6.12-3) from experimental.

I failed to mount the root filesystem (I tried really everything, such
as an NFS root (fails probably because of kernel network settings), a copy
of a boostraped system on /dev/sdb directly in my IRIX system) but
noticed that
bootp(): append="arg1 arg2"
is interpreted as kernel command line "append=arg1 arg2" by the kernel.
So it is necessary to omit "append=" and the quotes.

Comments? Maybe it's only my system which doesn't support "append"?

Next step I will try is to cross compile a newer kernel from
http://www.linux-mips.org. My first attempt failed because
linux- seems not to support IP30 anymore. I will try
different versions or directly from git ...

Or is there a simple way to provide an initrd? All Mips build I checked
contain only a kernel image ...

PS: I'm not subscribed to debian-boot anymore.


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