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Re: raq2 bootproblems

Janko Knops wrote:
> My raq2 had some rather weird problems booting up after a powersurge, so 
>  I decided to give it a clean install.
> I've put up a bootserver (nfs) as described in the cyrius.com-guide. All 
> works well, till I reached the point where I wanted to let the raq2 boot 
> the installer. It keeps on giving weird hangups, on completely different 
> places.
> I started swapping several hardware to find the problem and my findings 
> while doing this are:
> - no harddisk attached --> doesn't even startup
> - 1 strip of 32 MB ram --> boots with 16 MB
> - 2 strips of 32 MB ram --> boots sometimes with 32 MB
> - 1 strip in second slot --> boots with 16 MB
> - other harddisk attached --> doesn't boot at all
> - booting the original debian installed on it --> hangs up in normal 
> mode when checking the harddisk, in recoverymode just while trying to 
> load the image en the old linux gets a kernel panic straight away
> I've managed twice to get the installer to load, but there it just hangs 
> up completely.
> The raq isn't getting very hot (except for the harddisk, but that has a 
> pretty good cooling with 2 small fans blowing straight over it).
> Now I'm wondering if it could be perhaps some faulty memory, or a busted 
> ide controller, or something like that. Because the results don't make 
> any sence to me since they occure pretty random.

Sounds like flaky RAM. I had similiar troubles with my RaQ, they were
caused by oxidised connectors. I solved this by treating the memory
module with eraser rubber. :-)


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