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trying to build Qube 1 (2700) kernel

Hi all,

I have a workgroup Qube (model 2700, aka headless qube) and have been
resurrecting it thanks to Martin Michlmayr's tarballed image.  So far, it
works well with the stock hardware and a 300GB WD drive (plan to use it for
archive).  I was planning to use a 100mb card in the PCI slot, but haven't
been able to find a modules tarball/package from which I can load a nic
driver, hence the voyage into kernel building.

I've already installed the tools and have also installed the 2.4.27 kernel
source and was merrily building a kpkg when I get this error:
lcd.o lcd.c
lcd.c:554: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
lcd.c:561: error: `LCD_MINOR' undeclared here (not in a function)
lcd.c:561: error: initializer element is not constant
lcd.c:561: error: (near initialization for `lcd_dev.minor')

My first question is:  Have a missed a patch?  I thought I installed a
cobalt source, so wouldn't it be already patched, or is this a case of
making a wrong assumption?  If the latter, can you point me in the right

Second question, is there another way around the original desire to get a
loadable module for my via rhine 100Mb nic card?  If so, I'd really
appreciate it.

Lastly, I tried Martin's 2.6.15 kernel, but couldn't make much progress
because network services seemed to fail (remember, its headless so I have to
pull the drive out and look at dmesg for clues).  It seems the tulip card
wasn't initializing properly.

Anyhow, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Incidentally,
I still have the skins off my box, so if somebody wants me to try something
with this, let me know.


Michael O. Francini

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