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raq2 bootproblems

My raq2 had some rather weird problems booting up after a powersurge, so I decided to give it a clean install.

I've put up a bootserver (nfs) as described in the cyrius.com-guide. All works well, till I reached the point where I wanted to let the raq2 boot the installer. It keeps on giving weird hangups, on completely different places.

I started swapping several hardware to find the problem and my findings while doing this are:

- no harddisk attached --> doesn't even startup
- 1 strip of 32 MB ram --> boots with 16 MB
- 2 strips of 32 MB ram --> boots sometimes with 32 MB
- 1 strip in second slot --> boots with 16 MB
- other harddisk attached --> doesn't boot at all
- booting the original debian installed on it --> hangs up in normal mode when checking the harddisk, in recoverymode just while trying to load the image en the old linux gets a kernel panic straight away

I've managed twice to get the installer to load, but there it just hangs up completely.

The raq isn't getting very hot (except for the harddisk, but that has a pretty good cooling with 2 small fans blowing straight over it).

Now I'm wondering if it could be perhaps some faulty memory, or a busted ide controller, or something like that. Because the results don't make any sence to me since they occure pretty random.

And is there a way that I can netboot memtest ?

Thanks in advance for the help,


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