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Re: binutils: [mips] ar doesn't recognize ELF64


[trimmed the cc list a bit]
>> It would also make it difficult to netboot a DECstation - the firmware
>> only boots ECOFF kernels. I don't know if it will break delo (the
>> DECstation boot loader), too.
>Delo uses ELF. Netbooting a DECstation works via a t-rex generated
>image which fakes an ECOFF header.

Ah, good to know.

>Very old DECstation can't boot via tftp/bootp but need MOP, in that
>case the t-rex image may or may not work, I don't know if anybody
>ever tried.

One of my DECstations had a very old firmware, which could only
handle mop-booting. I can remember that I've at least booted it that
way, but I can't tell you what image I've used for it. I'll try
it out the next time I'll do an etch install test, but my 5k/33
is not yet finished with the first round ;-)

Thanks for the other corrections & infos,
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