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Re: binutils: [mips] ar doesn't recognize ELF64

On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 01:07:13AM +0200, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
> [trimmed the cc list a bit]
> >> It would also make it difficult to netboot a DECstation - the firmware
> >> only boots ECOFF kernels. I don't know if it will break delo (the
> >> DECstation boot loader), too.
> >
> >Delo uses ELF. Netbooting a DECstation works via a t-rex generated
> >image which fakes an ECOFF header.
> Ah, good to know.

addition - The Decstations firmware boots a binary blob to an address
specified in the first 512bytes of the boot disk. There no format just
binary instructions. Delo which gets copied with objdump to that blob
itself knows how to boot ELF.  So for disk booting the decstations does
not need ECOFF.

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