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Re: binutils: [mips] ar doesn't recognize ELF64


>> So basically you mean removing ECOFF support in binutils is not a 
>> problem. Right?
>As I tried to explain, it will break arcload and arcboot, and probably
>some more bootloader-ish things of older machines I don't know of.

It would also make it difficult to netboot a DECstation - the firmware
only boots ECOFF kernels. I don't know if it will break delo (the
DECstation boot loader), too.

>For Debian, I'd like to have some workaround for arcboot before we
>kill ECOFF.

Please, now that I started testing etch installs on my 5k/33, please
don't tell me that I've wasted part of my easter holiday....

>For binutils upstream, I don't want to kill it without previous
>discussion on the binutils list.

I am not sure, but isn't ECOFF still in use by other, still supported
OSes? irix? AIX?

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