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Re: Some SGI O2 questions


* On 2006-04-21 00:10 <ths@networkno.de> wrote:

> > - Is it possible to install testing on it or does this make no sense at
> >   all? Are there images available?
> The current beta2 of debian-installer is still based on 2.4.27, and has
> no O2 support. The plan is to upgrade the installer once the kernel
> proves for a while to hold up, this may uncover some snags for the
> 2.4 -> 2.6 transition.
> Currently ypu best option is to install from Martin's image and then
> upgrade to testing.

Great. I found out, that I was completely wrong. I have ``etch'' in my
sources.list which of course *is* testing. Sorry about that.

> > - Login via ssh takes quite a long time: after displaying the motd it
> >   takes about six seconds to give you a shell prompt. Why does it take
> >   so long? Is this ``normal'' on the O2?
> It is only a 180 MHz R5000, in terms of CPU power your I2 might be
> faster.

The I2 is a R4400@250Mhz. I thought, that the slowest R5K outperforms
the fastest R4K (in terms of an SGI Indy: the fastest CPU for the Indy 
is the R5K, isn't that true?).

> > - I have tested the memory with memtester and it seems to be ok. Then I
> >   wanted to apt-get the kernel sources for the running kernel
> >   (2.6.16-1-r5k-ip32) and did not find them ... I tried this because I
> >   wanted to stress test the machine. How do I check out the Debian
> >   kernel source?
> Add in /etc/apt/sources.list a deb-src line similiar to the already
> existing deb line. See also: man sources.list.

I have had:
deb-src http://debian.inode.at/debian/ etch main

already in my sources.list. I checked the kernel out by issuing:
# apt-get source linux-image-2.6.16-1-r5k-ip32

I used the .config from /boot/config-2.6.16-1-r5k-ip32 and it complains

Makefile:449: /usr/src/linux-2.6-2.6.15/arch/mips64/Makefile: No such
file or directory

What did I do wrong?

> They are probably unrelated to this problem. What you see is the last
> message printed by the bootloader, which then fails to start the kernel.
> AFAIR this indicates you used vmlinux instead of vmlinux.32.

I have arcboot for loading the 64bit kernel.

Thank you for your answers/notes.



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