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Some SGI O2 questions


I have bought a SGI O2 with an R5K processor and 1GB RAM. Nice machine.
I have successfully installed Debian/unstable on the 2GB disk following
the instructions and using the image from Martin Michlmayr.
I want to use this machine as a replacement for my SGI I2 which
currently serves as a shell server: The I2 has too less RAM (only 256 MB
are recognized by Linux).

Here comes a couple of questions:

- Is it possible to install testing on it or does this make no sense at
  all? Are there images available?
- Login via ssh takes quite a long time: after displaying the motd it
  takes about six seconds to give you a shell prompt. Why does it take
  so long? Is this ``normal'' on the O2?
- I have tested the memory with memtester and it seems to be ok. Then I
  wanted to apt-get the kernel sources for the running kernel
  (2.6.16-1-r5k-ip32) and did not find them ... I tried this because I
  wanted to stress test the machine. How do I check out the Debian
  kernel source?
- I have downloaded the tarball for linux- from linux-mips.org
  to compile a custom kernel. The kernel didn't boot. I then took the
  config for the running kernel, did a ``make oldconfig'' and then I ran
  ``make-kpkg kernel_image'' and had a debian package. I installed it,
  rebootet and the kernel again hanged at ``Starting ELF64 kernel''.
  What patches are in the Debian kernel which makes it boot? ;)
- Can anybody recommend a not so hot scsi sca disk for the O2? I wanted
  to buy a new one greater or equal 36 GB but the O2 has no direct case
  cooling possibilities so I expect the 10 or 15K disk to get quite hot
  ... Are there any experiences?
- What pci network adapters are supported? Is it possible to use a ata
  or even sata pci controller and is it possible to even boot from it?
  I assume this is not supported but it's always better to ask to be sure ;)


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