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Re: IPCop on mips

Matt Medeiros wrote:
> Anyone ever build IP Cop on their MIPS based system? I just get a 'Apr
> 18 10:09:45: Can't determine your architecture - mips' when running the
> make.sh file.

Wouldn't this be better off taken up with the IPCop people?  Especially
since IPCop is a Linux distribution in its own right -- not an addon to
a distribution.

Incidentally... Debian/MIPS will do everything IPCop is capable of, and
more.  If you want a web frontend, might I suggest something like
Webmin?  I've used this in the past on my Qube2... and found it works
very well.  I don't use it now (as I've grown past the need of using
webmin), but for what it does ... it achieves its task, and does this
very well.

I'd suggest a stock Debian installation, with Webmin and a few other
basic tools... would do everything you need. :-)
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