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Re: Size of /proc/kcore on MIPS (porting help requested)

On Tuesday 28 March 2006 02:54, "Guillaume Ansanay-Alex" 
<gansanay@gmail.com> wrote about 'Re: Size of /proc/kcore on MIPS (porting 
help requested)':
> I think the problem comes from using stat :
> ---- linuxinfo_common.c ----
> struct stat st_buf;
> if (stat("/proc/kcore", &st_buf) < 0)
> {
>     memory = 0;
> }
> -------------------------
> stat can't save in struct stat's file size attribute the size of a
> file over 2 GB.

Just throwing this out, 'cause I've never target mips with a program, but 
could stat64 be used instead.  I'm fairly sure it's available even in 
32-bit kernels.

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