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Re: Getting at76c503a running on a Qube

* Daniel Rheinbay <daniel_rheinbay@web.de> [2006-02-19 18:58]:
> Is there anything fancy you'd want me to try, say, to use eth0 and
> eth1 at the same time while writing data to the USB drive?

Just see if it works... but yeah, feel free to go crazy. ;)

> At least in 2.4.27, wireless networking (CONFIG_NET_RADIO and
> CONFIG_NET_WIRELESS) is not enabled by default. There're some more
> wireless-related options to support certain devices on 2.6 kernels
> such as CONFIG_ATMEL, I believe. Not sure whether or not they're
> also available in the debianized versions...

I've enabled this in the config file in SVN now.  Will be part of the
next 2.6 release (whenever that may be - I might wait until 2.6.16 is
out or just rebuild 2.6.15 again.  If you need it soon, please let me
Martin Michlmayr

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