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Re: Getting at76c503a running on a Qube

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
There are experimental 2.6 packages, see
I'll give 'em a try later on this week. My Qube 2 has got a shiny new USB 2.0 card and I got hands on an external USB 2.0 hd. Once my beast boots up its new kernel, I'd be happy to swap some data around and let you know about the results. Is there anything fancy you'd want me to try, say, to use eth0 and eth1 at the same time while writing data to the USB drive?
Not sure if it is but I can enable it if it's not.
At least in 2.4.27, wireless networking (CONFIG_NET_RADIO and CONFIG_NET_WIRELESS) is not enabled by default. There're some more wireless-related options to support certain devices on 2.6 kernels such as CONFIG_ATMEL, I believe. Not sure whether or not they're also available in the debianized versions...


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