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Re: WRT54G Support?

* Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss03@volumehost.net> [2006-02-14 14:05]:
> Nice, so the kernel and package support is there, good.  That's the
> main thing I was concerned with.  My specs are almost identical, I

Flash flashout is probably different.  That's hard-coded so far and
needs some code to auto-detect it.

> I'm not so concerned with the storage issue.  My "grand design"
> includes having the image on flash pivot_root onto nfs

Ugh.  Why don't you just get a device which has USB, such as the
WGT634U or the Asus WL-500g?

> I know debian-installer isn't going to be able to do this automatically,

Actually, if you just want to run Debian via NFS, it's pretty trivial.
Simply build a kernel with the BCM patches applied, build in NFS
root support and a proper kernel cmdline and flash it...

> 1a) Configure the vlans (settings from nvram)

Setting stuff from nvram isn't really the way Debian works.


Yeah, I think you can do all of that with a kernel with the BCM
patches plus a custom initramfs that you develop that does all of this

My approach is quite different, however.  I'll add support to
debian-installer so you can do a normal installation to a USB device.
Obviously, that won't help in your case.
Martin Michlmayr

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