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Easy x86 based installer?

I've got a Cobalt Qube 2 currently running NetBSD.  I've been having a
few stability problems (a known issue with NetBSD on Cobalt right now)
and I'm seeking alternatives.

There was a neat CD I found for NetBSD with which you boot up an x86
box and it has all the necessary TFTP/NFS stuff configured to lead you
though an install on the Qube.  Is there anything similar to get
Debian installed easily?  In my searches I have only found
instructions on how to manually configure the TFTP/NFS stuff.

Also..  Assuming I install Debian, is it currently stable on Cobalt or
am I likely to run into the same mild instability problems that I
currently have with NetBSD?  NetBSD currently hangs the machine every
2 or 3 weeks.


Paul Richards

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