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Greetings, and thank you so much for looking into this!

I see how the host matching failed, but both config files use native
object relocation to my understanding.  Also, the last patch I believe
should already be applied into the -41 package which failed.  Can I
take from your remarks that you've seen a successful build on a mips
(as opposed to mipsel) machine?  If so, then the hypothesis might go
back to a physical, hopefully transient, problem on the mips buildd?

I have a small fix to make for ia64 too.  If there is no known source
problem for mips then I'll upload right after addressing this.  Your
advice most appreciated!

Take care,

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> Camm Maguire wrote:
> > Greetings!  I've recently put in native object code relocation on mips
> > for gclcvs following the lush example, and tested on an Indy locally
> > (which has since died.)  mipsel autobuilds just fine, while mips give
> > a bus error right at the end.  Could this possibly be related to some
> > physicall error on the machine?
> Yes, this is quite possible.
> > Is there a way in which code which
> > makes no reference to byte order might logically fail on only one of
> > mips/mipsel?  Lastly, if the fault is with gclcvs and this needs
> > debugging, can anyone arrange ssh access to a remote mips machine?
> Hm, I'll have a look.

It built with the appended patch. I appears the mipsel version succeded
to build because it didn't select native object relocation (the mips
pattern matched first). Generally, canonical GNU host ids should be
checked with at least a cpu-vendor-os pattern to avoid mismatches, that
is *-*-* as the minimum catch-all.

(What I used below matches also for e.g. mipsisa32el-unknown-linux-uclibc.)


diff -urpN gclcvs-2.7.0.orig/configure.in gclcvs-2.7.0/configure.in
--- gclcvs-2.7.0.orig/configure.in	2005-04-14 23:06:33.000000000 +0200
+++ gclcvs-2.7.0/configure.in	2005-04-19 15:10:43.000000000 +0200
@@ -109,12 +109,12 @@ case $canonical in
-     mips*linux*)
-     	use=mips-linux;;
-     mipsel*linux*)
+     mips*el-*-linux*)
+     mips*-*-linux*)
+     	use=mips-linux;;
diff -urpN gclcvs-2.7.0.orig/o/sfaslbfd_mips.c gclcvs-2.7.0/o/sfaslbfd_mips.c
--- gclcvs-2.7.0.orig/o/sfaslbfd_mips.c	2005-04-14 23:19:59.000000000 +0200
+++ gclcvs-2.7.0/o/sfaslbfd_mips.c	2005-04-19 05:32:32.000000000 +0200
@@ -471,7 +471,7 @@ mipself_fix_relocs(bfd *b,asymbol ** sym
       gpdisp = symbols[i];
       gpdisp->value = 0;
       gpdisp->flags = BSF_LOCAL|BSF_SECTION_SYM;
-      gpdisp->section = info->sgot ? info->sgot : info->sgot : bfd_abs_section_ptr;
+      gpdisp->section = info->sgot ? info->sgot : bfd_abs_section_ptr;
       gpdisp->udata.p = NULL;

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