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Re: gclcvs

Camm Maguire wrote:
> Greetings!  I've recently put in native object code relocation on mips
> for gclcvs following the lush example, and tested on an Indy locally
> (which has since died.)  mipsel autobuilds just fine, while mips give
> a bus error right at the end.  Could this possibly be related to some
> physicall error on the machine?

Yes, this is quite possible.

> Is there a way in which code which
> makes no reference to byte order might logically fail on only one of
> mips/mipsel?  Lastly, if the fault is with gclcvs and this needs
> debugging, can anyone arrange ssh access to a remote mips machine?

Hm, I'll have a look.


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