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Re: How to install additional kernel modules for O2?

Oleg K wrote:
> I finally installed Debian on my O2 with help from Martin Michlmayr's site
> and the boot image. So far everything is working smoothly. 
> I added a secondary network card and I want it to work. However, I have no
> idea how. I do know that the card needs 3c59x module to work. It's:
> 0000:00:03.0 Ethernet controller: 3Com Corporation 3c905 100BaseTX
> [Boomerang]
> Too bad this module is not available by default. Modconf doesn't have it.
> Thus I have no idea where to start. I know that it has to compiled...
> probably. Can somebody push me in the right direction?

Currently only the on-board ethernet support is built, I can enable
additional modules for the next kernel.

> Additionally, I have few other stupid questions:
> Looking at `ifconfig -a` I see this:
> sit0      Link encap:IPv6-in-IPv4  
> Why is it there? I don't recall installing this.
> Hard drive of this system is 2gig. I know it's rather old... hdparm reports
> throughput of about 3.5 megs/sec that's something that IDE drive in my old
> Pentium 200 was like. I thought SCSI drives of that era were faster?

The driver for adaptec on-board SCSI controller seems to default to the
slowest asynchronous mode, that's a known bug.

> And lastly, VNC server chews about 50-60% of CPU (mind you this is 180Mhz
> R5). Is X-Windows way too taxing on this system? Or that's just VNC that
> does that?

The framebuffer is completely unaccellerated for now, and VNC is a
relatively inefficient protocol. Some work on improved X support is
currently underway.


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