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Re: Second Net interface on Qube1

Tyson wrote:
> First I can ping all ip addresses from a remote pc. eth0 is the
> built-in nic on the Qube. If I unplug eth1 I can still ping the
> ip If I unplug eth0 all ip addresses loose connection.
> I have never seen this behavior before.

Hm, this smells like yet another problem connected to the PCI
bridge handling.

> I tried to add an Intel NIC
> but could not find the module e100 or eepro100. So I then tried to
> download the module and build it but I don't have the kernel source.
> Has anyone gotten there qube1 to work with 2 nics? I am rather new
> to debian is there an easy way to add support for the Intel modules?

I posted a recipe for it some days ago:


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