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Re: installing on Origin 200

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 07:39:10AM +0100, Manuel Kiessling wrote:
> >I tried setting up NFSroot and I also connected
> >one of the harddisk to my PC and dbootstraped a filesystem on it.
> May I ask, what is dbootstrap? Do you mean "debootstrap"? I have 
> problems setting up a mips base system on a i386, because deboostrap can 
> fetch the packages, but cannot correctly configure them (simply because 
> it cannot execute any of these files). Any hints?
It was a typo. It really is [c]debootstrap. It will give you
a basic root filesystem. You need to populate /dev to get
the machine to boot first. Then you can boot the kernel
with an init=/bin/bash. After that I partitioned and mkfs'ed
a disk and finally copied and installed all the .deb files
downloaded by debootstrap on the new disk. The whole
procedure took some time and it's good to have a serious
supply of coffee ready :-)

I have collected some kernels before. Have a look around
with google. "linux origin 200" or "linux ip27" will
certainly give a few good results. If you can't find 
anything I can mail you the kernel I'm using.


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