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installing on Origin 200


I need some help to install Debian on an Origin 200.

What I have:
- Dual 180MHz, 448MB RAM, cdrom, a few internal disks
- works, runs IRIX

What I have tried so far:

- booting a kernel from the network. I can see a lot of kernel
messages, but it always dies and says that it can't mount the
root filesystem. I tried setting up NFSroot and I also connected
one of the harddisk to my PC and dbootstraped a filesystem on it.
Nothing works.

What I might do wrong:

- wrong bootflags. What's the correct bootflags for NFSroot
or root on a local disk?
- something wrong with dbootstrap? Although that seems unlikely
to me...
- Anything wrong with the kernel? I tried a few precompiled kernel
that are available on the net.


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