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Re: modules don't load on O2

* Jö Fahlke <jorrit@jorrit.de> [2005-01-13 22:38]:
> the main drawback is that I can't load modules into the kernel after
> installation:

Yes, that's a known issue (see Thiemo's mail on this list today).

> Also, there are 416MiB of RAM in this machine.  ARCS detects this
> just fine, but Linux sees only 256MiB.

The kernel currently only recognizes 256MB.  A patch has recently been
committed to MIPS Linux CVS to fix this.

Thiemo is currently working on 2.6.10 packages and when they're ready
both of these issues should hopefully been fixed.  I've no idea how
long the module loading problem will take to fix, though.

> * The installation of arcboot went totally wrong.  It is obviously not
>   desinged for installations with boot on its own partition.

That's not supported.  We need to add a warning to the
debian-installer HOWTO but so far nobody has done it.

Martin Michlmayr

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