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Re: modules don't load on O2

Jö Fahlke wrote:
> ======================================================================
> thor:~# modprobe loop
> FATAL: Error inserting loop (/lib/modules/2.6.9-r5k-ip32/kernel/drivers/block/loop.ko): Invalid module format
> ======================================================================
> That is a bit unfortunate since I wanted to link the disks together
> with raid or lvm.

Known problem, still unsolved.

> Also, there are 416MiB of RAM in this machine.  ARCS detects this just
> fine, but Linux sees only 256MiB.

Fixed upstream, but not yet packaged.

> * The installation of arcboot went totally wrong.  It is obviously not
>   desinged for installations with boot on its own partition.  After
>   working around that the system rebooted fine.

Correct, this is IMHO a documentation/user interface issue in the
partitioner. With decent firmware it makes little sense to use a
separate /boot partition.


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