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modules don't load on O2

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Since my work-computer broke down and I will be without motherboard
for 6-8 weeks I am no trying to use the O2 I did not gave to you guys
as a temporary replacement.

I put in another 2G harddisk and started the installation as described
on www.cyrius.com/debian/o2 (thanks Martin).  There were a some quirks
(more on that below), but the main drawback is that I can't load
modules into the kernel after installation:

thor:~# modprobe loop
FATAL: Error inserting loop (/lib/modules/2.6.9-r5k-ip32/kernel/drivers/block/loop.ko): Invalid module format

That is a bit unfortunate since I wanted to link the disks together
with raid or lvm.

Also, there are 416MiB of RAM in this machine.  ARCS detects this just
fine, but Linux sees only 256MiB.

Installation report

* Booted via bootp/tftp from a Sun ultra1 running Debian.

* Installer bootet fine, selected german lang/keyboard.

* It discovered four network devices: onboard, pci card and two ipv6
  tunnel devices.  I don't know about the tunnel devices, the onboard
  device and the pci card are correct.  I continued with the onboard

* No modules (as it currently should be).

* Partitioning went fine with fdisk.

  I was planning to do the following:
  sda1   50M /boot
  sda2  200M swap
  sda3 1.75G raid storage
  sdb2  250M swap
  sdb3 1.75G raid storage
  raid 3.50G /

* I had to go back and load mdconf from network which then told me
  that the neccessary kernel drivers are missing.  So I went back and
  changed my partition layout as follows:

  sda1   50M /boot
  sda2  200M swap
  sda3 1.75G reserved
  sdb2  250M /
  sdb3 1.75G reserved

  The plan was to move to raid later, when I had the modules

* Fetching packages and installing them went just fine.

* The installation of arcboot went totally wrong.  It is obviously not
  desinged for installations with boot on its own partition.  After
  working around that the system rebooted fine.

* Base config went just fine.

Jorrit Fahlke

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