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Re: Please test CoLo 1.15-1

* Guido Zeiger <guido.zeiger@mailprocessor.de> [2004-12-31 15:57]:
> Ahh... thats the right way... didnt think about that because I did
> think I had an acutal system by using apt-get update/upgrade.

No, not right now (because the name of the package changes).  In the
future, we'll introduce a meta kernel package which will always depend
on the latest kernel.

> OK, after installing the new Kernel (default.colo is set to
> /boot/vmlinux, so the symbolic link seems to be updated
> automatically)

Yes, that's with modern installations.  A few months ago,
debian-installer would hard code the kernel name and since you were
still running 2.4.26 I thought your installation might be quite old.

> Now I have to check if the module is loaded automatically at startup...

debian-installer installs discover by default which should load the
Martin Michlmayr

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