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Re: question regarding cobalt raq2 nic's

vizi0n (debian-mips) wrote:
> hi everyone!
> i had a quick question regarding my cobalt raq2+ (the one with 2 nic
> and a scsi port).
> for no apparrent reason once in a while, one of the nic gets
> "overloaded" if i can say so (most of the time eth0, which is my lan),
> by this i mean that the data doesn't go through it anymore and doing
> a ifdown eth0 ifup eth0 does fix the problem. did anyone ever had
> that problem before? i would be really grateful, since this box is
> now my router and i often have to connect to it and reload eth0.
> i am wondering if this problem is mips specific (drivers problem?)
> or if it is on all platforms.

The problem is known and seems to be bound to some cobalt/mips specific
way to use the NIC driver. Debugging it further failed so far, mostly
due to the lack of test hardware.


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