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Re: Qube 'Sarge' problem

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * Gerald Waugh <gwaugh@frontstreetnetworks.com> [2004-08-23 18:35]:
> > > The kernel must not (if I remember correctly) access the serial
> > > console. As this chip is missing on the 2700 platform, the server
> >
> > Anyone heard of this?
> The new version of CoLo (http://www.colonel-panic.org/cobalt-mips/,
> 1.12) by default doesn't output anything to the serial console
> anymore.  I think Peter made it this way to exactly address the
> problem the mail you quoted describes.  I'd give 1.12 a try on that
> machine (I just uploaded a binary to Debian tonight so your friend
> could just extract that, put it on a NFS server and net boot it).
> --

I down loaded colo-1.12.tar.gz, but not sure how to install it on the NFS
server. I did read the INSTALL instructions, but do I use the 'chain'

BTW are there any rom image files available for the cobalt-mips?
We have an eeprom programmer.

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