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Qube 'Sarge' problem

We have sent a hard drive to a person (gratis) and it won't boot on a

We found (quote)

I found this on Google which might be the problem:
"I read that there are problems in booting the 2800 kernels on 2700
Qubes. That's true. Cobalt did some small architectural changes and the
2800 kernels don't boot on the 2700. They do ship different releases
for each model. The good news is: Their kernel source is available for
the 2.0.x kernels and the differences are few.

The kernel must not (if I remember correctly) access the serial
console. As this chip is missing on the 2700 platform, the server
crashes when it tries to access the serial port (and the serial
console). That's why it dies right after the "Starting up" message. It
loads the kernel and when the first char is written out the serial
port, it dies. I'd try CONFIG_COBALT_SERIAL=n and CONFIG_SERIAL_PCI=n
(on the 2.0 tree, it might be different on the CVS linux/mips tree.
Haven't checked)."


Anyone heard of this?
We built the hard drive on a 'RaQ'.

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