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Re: Qube 'Sarge' problem

* Gerald Waugh <gwaugh@frontstreetnetworks.com> [2004-08-23 19:25]:
> > machine (I just uploaded a binary to Debian tonight so your friend
> > could just extract that, put it on a NFS server and net boot it).
> problem is the guy, never could get debian installed on the CacheRaQ,
> that's why I sent him a hard drive built on a RaQ.. maybe he should try
> again using 1.12, and maybe that is why he couldn't get
> Debian loaded on the CacheRaQ....

Obviously, the CoLo on the hard drive you sent him doesn't work, which
is why I suggested putting the newer version (1.12) on a NFS server
and boot that.  If that works, he can boot into Debian and install the
new version of CoLo on his hard drive.
Martin Michlmayr

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