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Re: Which unstable to load?

* Gerald Waugh <gwaugh@frontstreetnetworks.com> [2004-08-20 12:36]:
> We have many Cobalt mips machines (40+) of many configurations,
> cache-RaQ2, Qube, Qube2, RaQ, RaQ2, RaQ2+, NASRaQ, and are attempting to
> make them usefull, by installing an up-to-date OS.

OK, cool.  For those you sell, I strongly advice you put sarge on them
rather than unstable.  sarge will be released as the new stable
release of Debian (Debian GNU/Linux 3.1) in 1-2 months and will have
full security support (mips included).

> > Where did you see this listing?  This looks like debian-installer
> > (d-i) not recognizing your architecture.
> It was the Debian Installer running on a vanilla RaQ...

As Thiemo said, if it was beta4, use rc1.  Otherwise, it might have
been a temporary problem.
Martin Michlmayr

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