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Re: Rebuild Kernel for Qube 2 on sarge and LCD Status Display like woody

* Marcus Schwarz <marcus@mcblack.de> [2004-08-18 16:20]:
> The old PRG displayed starting services at boottime and stopping
> services on halt or reboot.

Yes and no.

1) The scripts showing status information when starting and stopping
services are really patches to existing scripts.  I don't feel like
patching those scripts because you'll then be asked on each upgrade
whether you want to keep those modifications.  (In the long run, I'd
like to see proper infrastructure so these scripts can report status
information; then we can easily hook the LCD output program into it.)

If you want this information, simply grab Paul's patch from
Change /usr/local/sbin/putlcd to /usr/sbin/putlcd and don't start
/usr/local/sbin/buttond.  The rest is still valid.

2) The administration tool which lets you reboot and halt your Cobalt
via the LCD and buttons: Peter Horton kindly wrote a replacement which
is now part of 1.11-1, but I fear it won't go into sarge - you can
simply grab colo 1.11-1 from unstable, though, and use it on sarge.
It will automatically start this administration tool.
Martin Michlmayr

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