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Re: Rebuild Kernel for Qube 2 on sarge and LCD Status Display like woody

Guido Zeiger wrote:
> Hi Martin...
> after I did read that the oroginal CobaltOS did support a 
> SCSI-Controller like the Adaptec 2904 (yes 2904)
> I did get one from Ebay at 7EUR.

Well, SCSI isn't that popular any more.

> The 2904 is smaller than the 2940 (which also fits in the Qube2). The 
> 2940UW didnt fit in the Qube2 because of his lenght.
> At Boot-Up from Debian it reports the Adaptec as not activated like the 
> virtual "onboard USB"
> With a loadable module, like for the SBlive from Marcus, the Qube2 
> should be able to use a SCSI-HD/CD/DVD-ROM ?
> (or my PCMCIA-Memory-Card to SCSI-Converter Interface.... or these fine 
> thins like SCSItoIDE for getting a IDE external running on the Adaptec 
> Controller)

This might have some hack value, but people who think about such stuff
are surely capable to compile their own kernels. The debian kernel
should provide only a reasonable selection of drivers, not everything
possible "because we can".

> Firewire would also be fine....OR :-)) a PCI-VGA Card :-))

Firewire support is now activated in 2.4.27. I doubt PCI-VGA has much
use, you don't have keyboard/mouse support for this machine.


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