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Re: My few hints on installing Sarge on a Cobalt Qube2 [SCANNED]

On 8/2/04 3:31 PM, "Guido Zeiger" wrote:

> I think the drive could be greater than that, but I did buy this drive
> with the 32GB
> limit from the CobaltOS in Mind. The drive could be jumpered to a 32GB
> Limit, but CobaltOS didnt like the Limitation.
Hmm, the 15 gig drives allow the selection of NFS almost instantly, the 40
gig just hangs, will look in to this.
>> We can get to that point.
> Thats telling you thats your DHCP and NFS Serveris being working....
> but it seems your content in the /nfsroot
> isnt correct or your Qube didnt get enough rights to access the
> files....
> Did you correctly unpack the sarge.tgz with zcat/tar ?

I think I did, though I may have just done a tar -zxvf with the sarge.tgz in
the root (I am known to do things a little different)

> Did you set the rights correctly in the /etc/exports?

> Did you use the correct file/pathname in the dhcpd.conf
> (upper/lowercase) ?

>> We seem to have the opposite problem, using the US mirrors, stall, we
>> tried
>> a German mirror and it flew??
> Hmm, I tried the US Mirror with english/US and it works...
> OK, therefore I did try the german installation with a US Mirror....

I will try again the evening. Could have been a busy Debian weekend :)
>> Again my question, what version and do some mirrors not carry the same
>> dated
>> debian packages?
> Dont know if some mirror do not carry the same packages.... :-(
> Which version do you want to know? /proc/version?

Well I am thinking that the auto-partition tool is more of a unstable
package for the installer.
>> Did you format your drives with the Apple by any chance? If so what
>> did you
>> select?
> I didnt format the drive with my mac... but before Debian was installed
> on that drive I got
> the CobaltOS installed on that drive with the restore-cd from Cobalt/SUN

Okay, you have been great and I appreciate the feedback and follow-up.

David Thurman
The Web Presence Group
Web Development/E-Commerce/CMS/Hosting/Dedicated Servers

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