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Re: My few hints on installing Sarge on a Cobalt Qube2 [SCANNED]

Am 02.08.2004 um 20:48 schrieb David Thurman:

On 8/2/04 12:49 PM, "Guido Zeiger" wrote:
Well that answers my question on how large of a drive, though we only get the Net Booting display and the disk activity just stays pegged on the front

I think the drive could be greater than that, but I did buy this drive with the 32GB limit from the CobaltOS in Mind. The drive could be jumpered to a 32GB Limit, but CobaltOS didnt like the Limitation.

Now under Debian the drive its fine for me, because its cool, quiet and small (only one plate inside).

The last partition ist around 32GB (these are the installer self-calculated sizes).

We can get to that point.

Thats telling you thats your DHCP and NFS Serveris being working.... but it seems your content in the /nfsroot isnt correct or your Qube didnt get enough rights to access the files....

Did you correctly unpack the sarge.tgz with zcat/tar ?
Did you set the rights correctly in the /etc/exports?
Did you use the correct file/pathname in the dhcpd.conf (upper/lowercase) ?

We seem to have the opposite problem, using the US mirrors, stall, we tried
a German mirror and it flew??

Hmm, I tried the US Mirror with english/US and it works...
OK, therefore I did try the german installation with a US Mirror....

Again my question, what version and do some mirrors not carry the same dated
debian packages?

Dont know if some mirror do not carry the same packages.... :-(
Which version do you want to know? /proc/version?

Did you format your drives with the Apple by any chance? If so what did you

I didnt format the drive with my mac... but before Debian was installed on that drive I got
the CobaltOS installed on that drive with the restore-cd from Cobalt/SUN


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