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bringing up Debian MIPS64


I was hoping to boot Debian on this SGI Origin 200 (I think):

>> hinv
System  SGI-IP27
2 180 MHz IP27 Processors
Main memory size: 128 Mbytes
Integral SCSI controller 0
Integral SCSI controller 1
Integral Fast Ethernet
IOC3 serial port
Integral SCSI controller 2
Integral SCSI controller 3
Integral SCSI controller 4
>> bootp()/tftpboot.img
Setting $netaddr to (from server
Obtaining tftpboot.img from server
Unable to execute bootp()/tftpboot.img:  execute format error
>> bootp()/vmlinux-ip27-2.4.21-pre4
Setting $netaddr to (from server
Obtaining vmlinux-ip27-2.4.21-pre4 from server
Unable to execute bootp()/vmlinux-ip27-2.4.21-pre4:  execute format error

I followed
but that doesn't seem to go. That seems to address 32-bit IP22
processors. I found vmlinux-ip27-2.4.21-pre4, but it failed too.

Anyone have experience netbooting Linux on an Origin 200?
(I suppose I could go over to linux-mips.org, but since my goal
is to bring up Debian, I figure I'd ask here first.)

I'd be willing to try out any new things for the Debian-Installer
if there exists something that might boot.


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