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Re: biarch cooperation.

"C. Scott Ananian" <cananian@lesser-magoo.csail.mit.edu> writes:

> On 21 Dec 2003, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> > C++ uses a different abi on i386 and i486+. To run any C++ stuff (like
> > apt) on i386 you need to emulate a dew instructions i386 doesn't
> > have. Thats just gcc/g++ screwups and not realy relevant given i386
> > cpus age. How wants to use a i386 nowadays anyway?
> Well, the 386 is still by far and away the most common processor for
> embedded applications.  Which, btw, grossly outnumber desktop systems.
> So, the answer is, "just about everyone".  They're just not running debian
> yet.

And it never will "natively" any more. Sarge is i486 only while for
i386 there are some kernel patches for emulation.
> But more importantly, the 386->486->586->686 evolution path is the most
> common one in the industry: namely, "backwards compatibility".  I would
> expect that all future architectures remain backwards compatible with one
> of the existing architectures, but that they add certain
> performance-improving features.  Handling this intelligently is (IMHO) key
> for a graceful future of the debian packaging system.
> I predict that it won't be long until we start to see ia64 and amd64
> extensions as well.

Anything better than 386 is fine. But I hope ia32 will finally die
out for desktops and get replaced by ia64/amd64 systems.


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