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mips64 cross-compiler trouble.

I've having an incredibly hard time building a mips64 cross-compiler.
My trouble is bootstrapping: even configuring gcc with --with-headers=
and --with-libraries= (which is supposed to allow a no-libraries build
of gcc sufficient for subsequently building kernels or glibc) the
compilation errors out because its missing an implementation of 'abort'.

Can anyone help me get started?  I think a tar of /lib64 and /usr/lib64
would get me far.  Complete cross-compiler packages would get me
further, but I don't think anyone volunteered these when I asked
before.  Special knowledge of the interplay of 'abort' and gcc might help,
too. =)

I tried to get some bootstrap libraries from the RedHat/mips release from
linux-mips.org, but that turned out to be compiled o32.  Suggestions on
other distributions which are known to be compiled n64 would help, too.

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