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Re: biarch cooperation.

On 20 Dec 2003, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Package are requested by (sub)arch. Some of those subarchs (like i386,
> i486, i586, i686) have the same abi.
> and looks quite ugly in the control and rules files.

just a pedantic note, since my original message in this particular thread
was about establishing meaningful and unconfusing names for things:
I'm pretty sure 'i386' 'i486' 'i586' etc are *not* "subarchitectures"
according to the accepted linux kernel and debian-installer defininition
of this term.  "amiga" "macintosh" "apollo" "atari" are
"subarchitectures", all of which support identical abis.  "voyager" and
"pc98" are other subarchitectures.
  --scott [lapsing into stallmanism here, perhaps. =) ]

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