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Re: biarch cooperation.

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 08:57:39PM -0500, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> Perhaps Guido can elaborate further on this?  I've been using gcc to
> generate 64-bit ELF binaries on IRIX, so I'm pretty sure that works well,
> although its possible that binutils are broken (but for what it's worth,
> IRIX 64-bit binutils are broken, too -- the system assembler doesn't do
> label addition properly).
On mips we actually want to support three ABIs o32 (which goes into /lib
and which is what we currently support), n32 (/lib32, improved calling
conventions and floating point performance, 64bit wide register but
32bit address space) and n64 (/lib64).
I've played with n32/n64 and can build statically linked binaries
easily. I also started to build a dl'ed n32 userspace. The problems
Gotom mentions are mostly resolved now.

> More to the point: how can I help this effort on mips64?  What/where are
> the current debian biarch packages (toolchain-source, dpkg-cross, dpkg,
> apt) so I can hack & submit patches to support mips64.
We don't have any publically available biarch debian packages yet. I was
hoping to look into how much our packaging tools support (bi,tri)-arch
nowadays soon. What is the exact status of this?
 -- Guido

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