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Re: biarch cooperation.

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, GOTO Masanori wrote:

> mips32/mips64, and ppc32/ppc64 are also interesting area.  BTW, AFAIK,
> mips64 is not well usable for the current state (I saw some mips64
> breakage demo by Guido Guenther in debcamp2003)

Perhaps Guido can elaborate further on this?  I've been using gcc to
generate 64-bit ELF binaries on IRIX, so I'm pretty sure that works well,
although its possible that binutils are broken (but for what it's worth,
IRIX 64-bit binutils are broken, too -- the system assembler doesn't do
label addition properly).

More to the point: how can I help this effort on mips64?  What/where are
the current debian biarch packages (toolchain-source, dpkg-cross, dpkg,
apt) so I can hack & submit patches to support mips64.

>                                         , and we need to
> discuss for 3 types of binary format.


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