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Re: install-doc: [MIPS] missing module/configuration information. (fwd)

Hi Scott,
Thaks a lot for your report. I'm not sure if the current stable will see
another bootfloppies update but incorporating this in the new debian
installer would really help a lot.

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 12:02:18AM -0500, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> It would be helpful if the installation manual mentioned in the
> 'modconf' section that 'hal2' (which uses 'soundconf') is the
> module providing sound support on the SGI Indy.  You probably
> also want to add users to the 'audio' group.
We could completely skip this step by proper autoconfiguration. A start
for this is:
but it never got applied.

> The information I needed (which the manual did not explain) were:
>  a) partitions start at 1, despite the special 'volume header' 
>     partitions at 9 and 11, and user partitions 'overlap' with
>     9 and 11 in a way that's best shown by example above.
>  b) It's not enough that the swap partition be named 'swap', it
>     must also have type 82. [I was misled here by installing
>     Debian/PowerPC immediately prior.]
>  c) It doesn't matter that the 'Bootfile' parameter doesn't match the 
>     name of the boot kernel.
Would you consider submitting this for the debian-installer manual?

> I forget if the manual includes sufficient information on dvhtool, but
> a sample invocation can't hurt if it's currently missing:
>  indy# dvhtool -d /dev/sdb --unix-to-vh /boot/vmlinux-2.4.22-r4k-ip22 linux
The installer should handle this. debian-installer will use arcboot
which simplifies this considerably.
 -- Guido

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