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Re: building 64-bit binaries.

C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> My question is: does debian already have 64-bit gcc/libraries packaged?

No, none yet. this would ultimately require either a new mips64
architecture in debian, and/or decent multi-ABI support.

> Will the stock debian kernel (mips32) run 64-bit binaries?

No. Btw, don't be confused by MIPS I, MIPSIII, MIPS32, MIPS64, etc.
Those (in uppercase) describe the MIPS ISA (Instruction Set Architecture).
Everything upward of MIPS II is 64bit capable, with the exception of
MIPS32/MIPS32R2. The SGI machines are MIPS III or MIPS IV, the debian
kernel needs at least MIPS II.

> Or do I have
> to build a mips64 kernel (and has someone packaged such a thing)?

You need a special kernel. Sorry, no package, I build my 64bit kernels
from upstream CVS.

> And,
> just to double-check: the mips64 kernel will run mips32 binaries, right?

That feature can be configured in. Today, many 64bit kernels still run
a mostly 32bit userland.


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