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Re: can't upgrade from stable to testing/unstable (Bus error)

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 19:46, Mika Valtonen wrote:

> No,  because there is no 2.4.22 package in woody. The newest kernel in woody
> is 2.4.19.
> I wanted to upgrade my kernel after installing debian testing.

This is 2.4.22-rc2 (which was the last time I compiled) for both r4k and

Using one of these should allow you to move to testing. I've only tested
these on three Indy's. Scary things may happen.
You can cross compile your own kernels on i386 easily enough, email me
if you want details, because I'll have to sit down and work out how to
make it work with gcc-3.3.
I'll attempt to compile something newer when I get around to turning the
Indys on in our new house.


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