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Re: can't upgrade from stable to testing/unstable (Bus error)


> > No,  because there is no 2.4.22 package in woody. The newest kernel in
> > woody is 2.4.19.
> > I wanted to upgrade my kernel after installing debian testing.
> This is 2.4.22-rc2 (which was the last time I compiled) for both r4k and
> r5k.
> http://davyd.ucc.asn.au/old/projects/johnson/
> Using one of these should allow you to move to testing.

Thank you very much! I'll give it a try.
Unfortunately I won't be able to do so before sunday evening.. :-/

> You can cross compile your own kernels on i386 easily enough, email me
> if you want details, because I'll have to sit down and work out how to
> make it work with gcc-3.3.

Thanks, but I'd like to see my Indy compiling it's own kernel.

I'll tell you if it worked on sunday.


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