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Re: Please retry mozilla

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 02:11:12PM -0500, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:
> I've actually got a mipsel machine running woody (the machine that's
> supposed to become vaughan.debian.org, and may actually do so sometime
> soon).  I've tried getting pbuilder to work so I can try the mozilla
> build, but it simply refuses to work.  The version from woody can't
> create a sid environment, and the version from sid simply exits, with no
> messages or anything.
> I'm trying to get this working, because I'd really like to see mozilla
> finally hit testing (it hasn't done so since woody was released!).

I have a mipsel running sid with a woody environment in pbuilder,
but I only build my packages against woody so I haven't tried
setting up a sid pbuilder chroot in sid yet. I can give it a go if
you need verification that it's (im)possible. It'll just take it a
few hours to pull down and tar up everything...
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