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Re: Indigo2 Serial Console

The Fungi wrote:

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 09:55:22PM +0200, Martin aus Mainz wrote:

I have build this cable: http://www.marty44.net/sgihard.html
I think it should also work for the Indigo.

I hear it's the same mini-DIN serial "standard" used on old
Macintosh systems. I have a couple "Mac modem cables" on loan from a
friend, so I'll know soon if they work on my R4400 Indy.

It is, I'm using a Powerbook 190 as a console for my Challenge S, with a standard Imagewriter II cable.

You don't want a Mac Modem cable, but rather either a Netopia Console cable (For the Farallon Netopia routers, which also use the RS422 DIN-8 connector) or a Newton PC Sync cable. The Mac Modem cables have the wrong gender connector (Unless they're DIN-8 to DIN-8 cables)


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